Gold WhatsApp V29.24 Download Apk 2024

Gold WhatsApp app is handy for communication. It is very famous for its features and functions. It enhances the user experience. This application is the best for its user-friendliness. Gold WhatsApp permits users to communicate with millions of people around the world.

It lets you exchange text messages, voice notes, and chat by making video and audio calls. This is a free app for communication. No need to spend a single penny to install the App. Gold WhatsApp V29.24 Download Apk 2024, This is very useful for people who love to connect and chat with people.

You can make friends with people from different cultures and countries. This App allows users to hang out, share feelings, and escape stressful life. It allows you to hide the last appearance and see the appearance of others. You can share various file formats like PDF, Excel, image, audio, and video recording.

WhatsApp Gold app is the best for its unique features. The application does not contain harmful elements that pose risks to your device. This WhatsApp provides its users with a lot of design-led unique wallpapers. Users can use any chat box background to enhance the viewing aesthetic.

Download Gold WhatsApp

   Gold WhatsApp

What is Gold WhatsApp?

This is an anti-ban modded extension application. It is love by people. This is an excellent app with many extra features and functionalities. Its logo colour is yellow, which is different from all other apps. Millions of people around the world use and love this App.

The read and receive indicators are invisible, and a tick is visible. There is a check mark. It enables beautiful features. It allows you to remove the ability to delete messages for each of the original greens. It gives the option to send more than 90 images at once.

It offers many privacy and security features to its users. It has more features than the original WhatsApp. It is a modified app of the original WhatsApp. Gold WhatsApp V29.24 Download Apk 2024, It offers advanced features to enhance your social interactions. It offers a variety of features like customizable themes and enhanced privacy settings. Honista

This App permits users to write more characters than others. You can express your thoughts and opinions in a detailed manner. You can write a status up to 130 characters at a time. The App is clean by fixing bugs and vulnerabilities to keep it running. YacineTV

Features of Gold WhatsApp:

Many accounts:

This best feature is the availability of many account options. Today, you can have more than one WhatsApp account on one device.

Subscription limits:

Simple WhatsApp permits you to share small image files. This App allows you to share up to 90 images. It increases the size of videos.

Long Status 30s+:

This application permits you to upload a five-minute status.

Control Blue Ticks:

The App has a tick feature. A single grey tick means the receiver is offline. A pair of grey ticks means the receiver is online but has yet to read the message. The blue ticks mean the message has been read.

Theme Collection:

The attractive gold themes are the unique features of this application. You can download a great collection of gold themes.

Effects and Cards:

It offers various WhatsApp effects like “pager change” and chat “list animation”. An outstanding feature of the conversation card is that it gives you goosebumps for every conversation.

Anti-delete message:

An option in your privacy setting will prevent others from deleting messages for you. Gold WhatsApp V29.24 Download Apk 2024, This App will notify you if someone deletes the chat at the other end of the loop.

Customizing chat privacy:

You can customize your chat privacy with your contacts. You can adjust various privacy settings for each group. You can decide who to call and block unwanted contacts by pressing the disable button.

Extra features:

The ability to open messages an unlimited number of times. Show offline statuses while online and see when someone deletes a status. These features give you the best control and privacy in your conversations.

Custom Themes:

With this App, you can choose from various custom themes. That will suit your style and enhance your chatting experience.

Better Privacy:

It offers better control over WhatsApp privacy settings. It permits users to customize their experience. It gives you the option to hide your online status.

Automatic reply:

It offers the option to configure auto-reply messages. That will sent whenever a message is received.

Media Sharing:

This App permits users to bypass restrictions on media sharing. You can send large files and share high-quality photos. It also transfers files between various formats.

Custom Fonts:

You can jazz up your messages by using custom fonts. This feature allows you to add a personal touch to your conversations.

Extensive Customization:

The App has many elements like colours, themes, and fonts. You can create various looks for the App by changing these elements.

Data Encrypted:

You can protect shared data from prying eyes. This can be a private or professional conversation. You can share various files and documents through the App, which also stays safe.

Colourful Icons:

This App gives many icons to change; the golden-coloured icon makes the outlook intuitive.

Send and share formats of large files:

The App permits you to send large files at the same time. You can send up to 100 photos, but the original App permits only 30.

Create a community:

Users can create a group and invite their friends and family to join the group. Group members can hang out by making audio and video calls. It is so interactive that people love it.

Hiding Profile:

Users can hide their identity or profile picture while in contact. No one can identify who you are.

Anti-delete functions:

If you enable the anti-delete option, the sender cannot remove essential messages.

Auto Reply:

The auto Reply option helps you to reply to customized questions and messages.

Create a scheduler:

Users can create messages to send in advance. You can schedule messages to sent and maintain various scheduled dates and times.

Create a silent shortcut:

This is used during a group chat. You can mute members if necessary.

Golden User Interface:

It has a unique golden user interface and attracts a large community of users. Its user interface is friendly and easy to understand.

DND Mode:

This App’s features are beautiful, but most are in DND mode. When we want no one to send us a message, no one can send us a message after enabling this feature.

Privacy Features of Gold WhatsApp:


In this App, the “Anti-Revoke” prevents messages from being deleted by the sender.


We can lock our App and all conversations in various ways in this application.

Long Status:

With this App, you can write a long status of 255 characters instead of 130.

Unlimited Themes:

It contains unlimited themes. It contains many themes. Download a custom theme and enjoy it.

End-to-end encryption:

Gold WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption for messages to help protect users’ privacy.

Custom Privacy:

Gold WhatsApp gives users the option to complain or block other users. It has a unique custom of privacy.

Latest Features of Gold WhatsApp:

  • Following are the latest features of this application. Gold WhatsApp V29.24 Download Apk 2024, This App has some cool and fun features.
  • You can control the video quality from your settings.
  • Better privacy features are available.
  • Longer status lengths.
  • Open groups to hang out with members who join the group.
  • Control over blue ticks.
  • Users can make audio and video calls.
  • A new golden icon for a casual look.
  • Hide a group.
  • Advanced drawing pens permit more accurate drawing.
  • View a group’s past participants.
  • React to a status fast.
  • Quick options are available by clicking on the chat bubble.
  • Exchange messages and voice notes.
  • Control video quality.
  • Extended sharing limits.
  • Share many media files.
  • You can add polls to groups.
  • Send many images and data to the community.
  • Disable read receipts.
  • Hide typing hints.
  • Advanced drawing pens permit more accurate drawing.
  • Improve privacy features.

Advantages of Gold WhatsApp:

You will be provided with a golden theme, making your App more attractive.
You can use more functions and features in this App
It also has a gold theme, which makes your App unique.
The best feature of this mod that this App is famous for is that you can create multi-user accounts.
It permits you to run many accounts in the same App.

Disadvantages of Gold WhatsApp:

You can get malware viruses that can infect your phone, and your privacy is at risk. b third-party developers have access to your phone.
This App is made by a third-party developer who can access your data.
Its speed is slower than the original WhatsApp.
There are downsides to using this third-party application.

​How to Update Gold WhatsApp?

  1. Before updating Gold WhatsApp, go to your WhatsApp settings.
  2. Now, go to chats and select the backup icon.
  3. Now select your account and connect it to Google Drive.
  4. Complete a backup of your WhatsApp data.
  5. Install the latest version of WhatsApp Gold.
  6. Download and install the latest version of the WhatsApp Gold APK file.
  7. So, Golden WhatsApp will be updated. This WhatsApp keeps itself constantly updated.

What’s new in Gold WhatsApp:

Share many media files from WhatsApp to other apps.
Polls in chat groups.
Exceptional Urdu language support.
Group admin authority to delete messages from other users.
UI of WhatsApp add-ons for good user experience.
Improvements in anti-ban measures.
Optimize and control video media quality.
Data and history of past group members.
Filter unread messages by searching.
Translation improvements.
More privacy features are present.
Reactions saved to status.
Improved UI design and status text.
Drawing with the pen feature.

Faqs of Gold WhatsApp :

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Gold?

There are the following features of the gold WhatsApp.
Video calling.
Ability to change WhatsApp themes.
Free calling.
You can send up to 100 photos at once.

What are the three uses of WhatsApp Gold?

This is a free app. It calls and exchanges text, audio, and video messages with others worldwide.

Is WhatsApp Gold Legal?

Yes, the application is legal to use. All legal procedures were followed before starting the journey. You don’t have to deal with any unwanted problems.

What is WhatsApp Gold APK?

This is a modified app of official WhatsApp. The application is prevalent for its extra functions. You can share files that are more significant than the original file. It has gained popularity all over the world.

Download Gold WhatsApp

   Gold WhatsApp

How do you install Gold WhatsApp on an Android phone device?

This process is straightforward. To install the Gold WhatsApp application, follow these steps:

Download the APK file and save it in your internal storage.
Go to Settings.
Go to Security.
Go to the file manager where you have downloaded the application file.
Click on the downloaded APK file.
Finally, installation is complete, and Gold WhatsApp is downloaded.

How to Download Gold WhatsApp?

We can download Gold WhatsApp from our website. The ability to add polls to group chats. This is a modified version of the famous messaging app. This is different from the official Whatsapp. Third-party creators develop it. This has advanced features and customization options.

Use Gold WhatsApp on Non-Rooted Devices:

If your mobile is root, then it is good that it can give you many features.
Finally, if the device is non-rooted, you can still download Gold WhatsApp on your phone.

System Requirements:

Unknown sources must be enabled on your phone to download and install it.
Your mobile phone should have Android version 4.0 and above.
Your Android phone device should have 100MB of free space.
You can download this application on rooted and non-rooted devices.


Finally, this is an updated version of simple WhatsApp. Gold WhatsApp V29.24 Download Apk 2024, The App also includes anti-delete message options and customizable chat privacy settings. Many new features are present. Gold WhatsApp offers many account options. It also offers a collection of golden themes. This App offers an exciting opportunity to enhance your Whatsapp experience. These options permit extensive personalization. So download WhatsApp Gold for free to explore the world. It is a similar application that works precisely like WhatsApp. It changed the core code and introduced a new user interface. This application uses end-to-end encryption to send messages. You will get every functionality of the original application in it.